Global Spade offers services throughout the entire application development lifecycle

With 23 years of experience at software development outsourcing of the most popular technological stacks (using such languages as C#, Java, JavaScript, Angular.JS, C/C++, .NET, ASP.NET, etc), Global Spade brings only tangible results to the customers. We constantly expand the scope of our expertises choosing and adapting the most perspective and effective. We strategize and place a bet on those expertises that will be relevant and effective in a long-term perspective, such as Python, R, ARKit or Hyperledger Fabric for Blockchain. We empower our clients with the expertises that help them to be more competitive on the market and gain more profit eventually. Offering our clients top-notch digital solutions, such as Digital twins, Computer Vision, Smart Spaces we make digitalization happen here and now.


Top-notch, state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and reliable custom software developed by our team will give you a competitive edge and help you strengthen position in the Digital Era market.


We have a broad expertise in AI and ML.


  • Natural Language Processing

  • Machine Learning

  • Augmented Analytics

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Mining

  • Optical Character Recognition

Headquartered in beautiful San Diego, CA

and development centers in Kiev, Ukraine, GLOBAL SPADE offers the perfect combination of off-shore prices and capabilities coupled with local design and control. We are proud to offer our "winning formula for successful outsourcing" which has been carefully tested and developed during our almost two decade's journey in the outsourcing world.


Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things


UI/UX Design

Architecture & Code Review

Independent Software Testing



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Best practicies for MVPCAST livestreaming

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To successfully use the MVPCAST live-stream functionality, you need any two mobile devices:
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Internet upload speed:
Connection, Connection, Connection
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MVPCAST app settings:
For the best live streaming experience please make sure the mobile devices settings are:

MVPCAST app how to videos

Create Account - Step 1
Manage Followers - Step 2
Schedule Event - Step 3
Start Livestream - Step 4
Complete Livestream - Step 5
Video Managment - Optional
Teams & Players - Optional
Stats & Highlights - Optional

Frequently asked questions

1. How to create my first live broadcast using MVPCAST app?
Please see tutorial in the MVPCAST app by clicking on the top right corner "?"
2. Can I use a 4G LTE for a live streaming ?
Yes , Internet upload speed is critical for "Camera" mobile device (your mobile device that is dedicated to work as a camera).
You might want to test different devices on different mobile carriers, as in some locations some carries demonstrate better connection speed than others.
3. Can I use a public WIFI for a live streaming ?
Yes , but be aware that public wifi can be very unreliable and unstable at many locations with tendency to becoming worse as day progresses and more users populate the venue.
4. How to test Internet Upload Speed at the venue?
Test your network's upload speed by going to or downloading the speedtest app. The required upload speed for MVPCAST steaming: HD 720p is 3mbps, HD 1080p 6mbps.
5. What kind of internet speed required for MVPCAST technology? ?
Internet upload speed for streaming mobile device (Camera): Minimum 3Mbps. You can change broadcasting quality for High Definition (1080p), if internet upload speed is: Minimum 6Mbps.
6. Why is Internet Upload Speed important and why is it recommended to test it at the venue. ?
Upload speed plays a critical role in High Definition live broadcast. Upload and download speeds at the venue affect smooth operability of MVPCAST technology. These bandwidth speeds are not constant; they fluctuate based on how much load is placed on the network. To be sure, we recommend that you find out your download and upload speeds by visiting in advance of schedule event.
7. Can I be logged into the MVPCAST application on different mobile devices with the same account credentials?
No, using MVPCAST in that mode will possibly cause data corruption.
9. Why I do not see "Camera" option for the scheduled event?
Most likely you were assigned to keep score for that event (Assigned as the Scorer) and that is why you don't see option "Camera". Another possible scenario if you only one member of the team (owner of the team) and by default you assigned as "Scorer". In that case, edit event to reassign other follower as the scorer or have event owner to edit event.
10. Do I have to use Tripod for livestreaming?
No, but it is highly recommended for HD quality broadcast. MVPCAST supports HD 720p and HD 1080p.
11. Why is my broadcast video in the portrait (vertical) mode and stretched?
MVPCAST designed to broadcast in a landscape(horizontal) position. Set up your livestreaming device (Camera) steady in a landscape(horizontal) position. IOS/iPad devices, if broadcast started before device is stable in landscape (horizontal) position.
12. I created the team and invited followers, what's next?
Everybody who were invited to the team can create/schedule an event and start streaming games or simply watch games. Please see tutorial in the MVPCAST app by clicking on the top right corner "?"
13. How do I create the team for my kid?
MVPCAST creates one default team for every new account. You can edit team name and invite others to join your team. Or you can join somebodyes team by accepting invite.
14. Who can I see videos recoded for my team?
Only people who you invited to join the team.
15. Who can see highlights that I created for my kid?
Only you, unless you want to share links with others.
16. How do I share video or highlight clips?
Press and hold on the thumbnail of the full game or highlight clip. Menu action will shows up on the top of the screen. Select "share" icon.
17. How do I download video or highlight clips?
Press and hold on the thumbnail of the full game or highlight clip. Menu action will show up on the top of the screen. Select "download" icon.
18. How to add video or highlight clip to the playlist?
Press and hold on the thumbnail of the full game or highlight clip. Menu action will show up on the top of the screen. Select "playlist" icon.

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